The Big ACRE

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The Big ACRE is Good Cheer’s new one acre farm that grows food for South Whidbey Good Cheer Food Bank and South Whidbey School District cafeterias.

The spring plot in April, and again in August

The farm project was conceived of and initiated by Good Cheer staff in August 2015 and approved by the Good Cheer, SWSD, and NILA boards in December 2015. In exchange for produce for the school cafeterias, the South Whidbey School District is allowing Good Cheer to develop and manage a farm behind the old Bayview School building. As of November 2016, The Big ACRE has grown over 7,200 pounds of tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, lettuce, kale, spinach, carrots, beets, and so much more. Half of that acre has been planted for winter greens and roots to be harvested from November to March.

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Many service learning groups have helped moved compost, pick rocks, clear blackberry, and complete various infrastructural projects. You can find our new farm located directly behind the old Bayview School building. Stop by and see what we’ve been working on!