Good Cheer Garden

harvest time

Installed in 2008 and located directly in front of the Food Bank, the Good Cheer Garden serves as a vegetable production space and demonstration garden for community members and food bank clients. Over the last decade, volunteers and staff have harvested between 5,000 and 9,000 pounds of produce from the Good Cheer Garden each year.

Every Wednesday from March to October, volunteers assemble in the garden to participate in harvesting and bagging produce, prepping beds, picking flowers, weeding, turning compost or whatever project helps expand production.  At noon we break for lunch featuring a garden-grown salad with whatever we harvested that day, and a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) soup crafted by Karen, the food bank manager.

Come eat lunch at our picnic tables, walk through and admire the flower beds, or come take a peak at how we grow so much food in our 3′ by 25′ garden beds.

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