There is some serious magic that goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen at Good Cheer. Many know about the wonderful soups that are made available to clients everyday, but not everyone knows about all the other food preservation and processing that occurs.

Produce that has reached the end of its shelf life, that is particularly ugly, or is in great excess, gets turned into soups, soup stock, pickles, ketchup, salsa, jams, fruit butters, fruit leathers, herb salt, and more. This is important because it turns less appealing food into highly desirable food and keeps that valuable resource out of the waste stream. Any food that we cannot process becomes compost for our garden, or livestock food for our community.


Besides processing excess food, much produce is preserved through various methods like blanching and freezing, dehydrating, and canning. This way, we can provide locally grown healthy produce throughout the winter when harvest is slim.

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