Gleaning Programs

Summertime plums at the Bayview Garden

Gleeful Gleaners

Each year Good Cheer’s Gleeful Gleaners bring thousands of pounds of local apples, pears, Asian pears, and plums to the food bank and other local nonprofits from community tree owners willing to share their bounty. Due to South Whidbey’s high senior population, many residents lack the mobility to harvest and maintain their fruit trees. The Gleeful Gleaners offer a valuable service while diverting exceptional fruit from the waste stream, decreasing disease and mold from fallen tree fruit, and making it possible for older members of the community to contribute to alleviating hunger on South Whidbey.

Interested in volunteering? There are many ways to help!

Bayview Farmer’s Market

Apprentices in the Grow Whidbey Program pull a wagon through the Bayview Market at the close of the market each week collecting donations of unsold produce from generous local farm vendors to benefit the food bank.

Rotary Club Gleaners

Volunteer crews from the South Whidbey Rotary Club harvest and deliver gleaned veggies from local farms.

Grocery Rescue

Every week a contingency of volunteers drives our box truck up the island to retrieve grocery store produce that would otherwise go to waste. This produce is fine to eat but too ugly or damaged to sell. Our volunteers and staff then sort, and often repackage or process the gleaned produce. Anything that is too damaged to be repackaged or processed becomes food for the worms in our in-ground, or fed to local livestock.