Garden Bingo

Lots of fun for children in the Good Cheer Garden at the Harvest Party and Music Fest.

Here’s the Garden Bingo for 2013:


1. Although I seem a vegetable, I truly am a fruit
I come in yellows, reds and greens, and purples- what a hoot!
I’m so delicious, sweet and juicy, you can hardly wait, so
Eat me up! Quick—pick me now! ‘Cause I’m a ripe ____________.

2.  Sometimes I grow in rainbow colors
This riddle might be kind of hard
Can you find my huge green leaves?
I’m an overwintering _____________.

3.  I’m queen of the garden with a yellow crown
And when you see me, you’ll want to bow down
Over all the plants I tower,
Birds love me too, I’m a beautiful _____________.

4. Bright and orange lying in the sun
Curing for our Thanksgiving fun
When their leaves die back, it is really somethin’
For what is revealed is lots of ______________!

5. Did you ever hear the tale, of the leafy greens least frail?
They sure are a treat
And nutritious to eat,
For this is the story of ___________!

6. In the southeast corner of the garden
Is a sight to be seen
Bright flowers and hanging pods- a teepee
Of scarlet runner __________.

7. I’m slow to walk, but quick to eat
Destroying a leaf is no major feat
My skin is camouflaged, I’m a common thug
You don’t want me around ’cause I’m a garden ___________.

8. We love our hungry red wrigglers
We have lots of them around
We’ve built them cozy houses
That are all under_____________.

9. Of the cuisines we eat
We like food scraps the most.
We’re your red wigglers and
We make the best _______________.

10.  Write your own Garden Bingo rhyme!


Here’s our Garden Bingo for 2012!

1. I take my time in the garden
To hop, hop, hop!
When the gardeners see me, they yell
Stop, stop, stop!
Who am I?  ____________.

2. My leaves are big and green
And I’m not so easy to see
Watch out ’cause I might grow real big
For I’m a __________.

3. I’m big and round and orange,
And I think I’m really somethin’!
I most like being in a pie
Because I am a ___________.

4. There are lots of kinds of yummy greens,
But mine is a special tale.
I grow all year and through the winter too.
Eat me raw or cooked, I’m delicious ________.

5. With so many colors, I delight
Red, yellow, pink, green or white
I’m held in high regard
‘Cause I’m the mighty ________.

6. We love deer and bunnies too
But in the garden we just want you!
Please don’t wait
To close the ___________.

7. Take a moment to admire the flowers
For they have magnificent powers
They have bright colors and often cater
To bugs that we call ___________.
Hint: this word has four syllables and includes what they eat!

8. Who is that under the ground
Who wiggles around when it is found?
It helps the garden be fertile as it squirms
Don’t be afraid, for it’s only a __________.

9. Extra special bingo question: You write the question, and the answer!

Here’s the Garden Bingo for 2011:

1.  I eat the leftovers you toss in the bin
Soft and moist, that’s my skin
I like it dark, my castings make good soil
Who am I, and where do I toil?  _______________

2. I help plants grow strong and nutritious
And there’s lots of ways to make me
Put greens and straw and manure in a pile
When I am done, the plants all smile
What am I?   ______________

3. I’m the color red and come in all shapes,
Lots of ways to be on your plates
Red lettuce is a leaf, and beet’s a root,
And the delicious _________ is a mighty fine fruit.

4. Lots of flowers are in the garden,
And they’re not all for picking
Their yellow pollen is food for me
I’m small and buzzing, I’m a ___________.

5.  Basil and mint are in the same family
Each quite special & different in their own way
Their taste and smell are quite delicious
And can you believe, they have _________ stems!
Hint: equal sided and not round – look and see!

6.  If you were a bunny, what would you like best?
An orange, crunchy root?
With light wavy greens upon your head,
Why, I like ____________ the bunny said!

7. I have big green leaves & prickly stems
And I like to hide
If you miss me, I get big
_____________’s my name, I’m fun to find!

8.  Soon I’ll burst forth with seeds to eat
From my big, round and yellow face
I’m very tall, above you I tower
Very happy, I’m a  ___________ !

9.  Extra special bingo question: You write the question, and the answer!