Lissa Firor

A big welcome to Lissa Firor, 2013 Good Cheer Food Bank apprentice!

lissa_5078“I first fell in love with fresh veggies as a three-year-old helping in my mother’s garden in rural Northeast Oregon. Not until years later did I start to grasp the ways in which so many of the environmental and social issues that matter to me could be traced back to food production and distribution systems. Since graduating with an Environmental Science degree from the University of Idaho, I have worked and volunteered in production market gardening as well as outdoor education for youth.

I’m still searching for the niche where my interests and talents are best suited to make positive change in the world, but a few of the things I am captivated by at this point in my journey include:

  • The many ways that growing, cooking, & sharing food contribute to a strong sense of community.
  • Learning to live more simply and deliberately by shedding cultural norms and material goods.
  • Cultivating and sharing strategies for bringing our personal values and actions into alignment.
  • Exploring how connections with the natural world also help us to form deeper and more meaningful relationships with ourselves and each other.

I came to Good Cheer because I am interested in making healthy eating and environmentally-sound food choices available to people from all walks of life. I feel strongly tied to the Pacific Northwest, and would like to help more rural towns start farmers markets, co-ops, and food banks. The Good Cheer model is an exceptionally innovative example, and I’m excited to join and learn from the wonderful folks here in the kitchen, food bank, and garden!”