Casey Jackson

A big welcome to Casey Jackson, School Garden Apprentice at the South Whidbey Academy, Langley Middle School, and South Whidbey Elementary School Gardens!
casey with newly plowed bed_4495Whidbey Island has yet again swept me off of my feet and plunged me into the magic of being alive and serving community!

It is an understatement to say that I am thrilled to have accepted the School Garden Apprenticeship position with Good Cheer. The growing season of 2012 taught me an immense amount about growing food in the pacific northwest while I completed the Greenbank Farm apprenticeship program. Now, this year I have the wonderful opportunity to bridge my food growing experience with my science background so that the South Whidbey school community and I can grow together in education and good health.


casey installing t_tape_5317I hold Bachelors degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Towson University back home in Baltimore, Maryland. After working in the Biotech industry for about 5 years I decided to make a big leap (I call it my “Jerry Maguire life moment”) and make my gardening hobby my vocation. Whidbey Island has been the perfect source of nourishment for this exploration and sets a great example in how a community comes together to take care of one another, especially when it comes to access to food. Baltimore and many other cities could really benefit from the models that Good Cheer and Whidbey Island pose. There is no shortage of wonderful things to learn and so many gifts in regards to the land-human connection. I look ahead to serving the community and paying it forward in the best way that I can. And I look forward to meeting all of you!!!!