Camille Green

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A big welcome to Camille Green, the 2013 Good Cheer Garden apprentice!

For as long I can remember, I’ve loved being outside and playing in the dirt. Now, what once got me in trouble on the playground has become my life.  As I’ve grown older my interests in social justice, environmental issues, and international relations have allowed me to combine my childhood love of soil and plants with a blossoming academic and philosophical belief that growing good food is essential to fostering healthy communities, and one of the few simple ways of being a positive addition to this world.

From Oregon to Cameroon, I’ve attempted to experience food by growing it, processing it, preparing it, and eating it, and seeing what that means for each environment and community. I have a degree in International Studies from the University of Oregon, and have just moved back to the Pacific Northwest after a year and half working with different environmental and garden projects in Butte, Montana. While I desperately miss the Rockies, I am really happy to be back amongst tall trees, mild winters, stinging nettles, and abundant moisture. I am so excited to be a part of the garden gang, and really thrilled to be learning from all the intelligent and motivated people working on these projects!

                                                                                      ~~~ Camille