A wildly productive two weeks with AmeriCorps NCCC

From April 14th until April 28th, Good Cheer was a flurry of activity while we hosted 10 stellar and enthusiastic National Civilian Community Corps members (NCCC)! NCCC is an AmeriCorps program that gives 18-24 year olds the opportunity to travel around the US with their team and work on various community projects.

At the end of our two weeks, NCCC members take a group shot with apprentice Corey and manager Camille

The projects this crew helped us accomplish is too numerous to account here. That being said, here are some of the projects we accomplished with NCCC: built new benches for the Bayview Garden, removed countless blackberry and scotchbroom, prepped and planted several farm beds at the Big ACRE, set up a small greenhouse, began the process of building two new in-ground worm bins, moved nearly 30 cubic yards of compost, tons and tons of weeding, and burned a giant brush pile.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of our two weeks with NCCC our hearts are full with warmth from getting to know and work with this group of motivated and deeply enthusiastic young people. Their help was a great relief and immensely meaningful, and we hope to continue our partnership with AmeriCorps in future years. Read more about this amazing program here.

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