A HUGE Thank You to our Benefactors, Advocates, and Friends

We are so very grateful to all those in our local and greater community who have donated monetary funds, equipment and materials, and time in support of The Big ACRE.

The following organizations have donated funds or in-kind materials:

These donations and materials have enabled us to start developing the farm immediately, with hopes of harvesting this year. Funds will be used to purchase a variety of soil amendments needed to increase the soil health of the farm, fruit trees for the farm’s orchard, and to pay a Community Gardening Leadership Training apprentice who has been hired to help part time with The Big ACRE, and part time with the South Whidbey School Farm and Gardens.

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In addition, we would like to express our great appreciation for community members, including Dave Schmidt, who donated a 20′ x 48′ hoop house; Blake Mennella of Ebb Tide Produce, Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot of Deep Harvest Farm, Beth Wheat and Arwen Norman of Skyroot Farm, and Stephen Williams of Foxtail Farm who have served as reservoirs of knowledge on building soil health, developing new fields, and farm-management practices; as well as those who have donated tools, pots, seeds, propagation equipment, and time; and volunteers who have helped us remove rocks and blackberry brambles from the new growing space.

It is an exciting time here at Good Cheer and we have lots of work ahead of us, but having support from a variety of sources makes building a new farm that much more fun and inspiring, so Thank YOU all.

Camille Green, Good Cheer Garden Manager, discussing the future of The Big ACRE with Sandy Whiting of Goosefoot.

We’re off to a great start, but many hands truly make light work, so if you would like to get involved, donate money, equipment, or time, please let us know by contacting Camille Green, Good Cheer Garden Manager, at goodcheergarden@gmail.com or (360) 221-4868. 





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