Fall Harvest Potluck Celebration!

Thanks to all who were able to come to our work party and harvest potluck celebration this past Wednesday! The morning was a bit cool, but the clouds burned off and it warmed up to a breezy 72 with lots of sunshine–perfect for bouquet making, hat decorating, singing, and playing lawn games. Larry Dobson even stopped by on his stilts! In addition, we truly apologize for our oversight in scheduling the potluck celebration on Yom Kippur and missed those who may have been observing the holiday.

Perfect weather, delicious food, and happy people!
Perfect weather, delicious food, and happy people!

A huge thank you to all in the kitchen who worked with great gusto to make such a delicious and bountiful spread of dishes for the party, notably Good Cheer Food Bank staff Karen Korbelik, Lissa Firror, and Scott Stark, as well as Linda, a regular Good Cheer Food Bank volunteer.

Pretty sunflowers make for pretty bouquets.
Pretty sunflowers make for pretty bouquets.

Meanwhile, in the garden, volunteers Anne and Liz made four beautiful (and enormous) garden salads that fed our tummies and our eyes, thanks to some last-minute floral touches from Kim. Not too far away, Pete, Reed and Jenny, Madir, Briar, and Constance were busy bagging 42 pounds of beets, 94 pounds of carrots, and 49 pounds of greens harvested that morning by Camille, our garden manager!

On the floral side of things, Halley and Devyn harvested four overflowing buckets of sunflowers, calendula, dahlia, buckwheat, cosmos, and other flowers for the bouquet-making station for volunteers and guests.

Needless to say, the celebration was a great team effort. We had a wonderful time sharing food, fun, and hope those who stopped by did as well. As the leaves change color, we are excited to harvest our winter squash, sow cover crop, and put our garden beds to rest, but stay tuned for more information on a Fall Fruit Tree Pruning class as well as a Winter Squash Harvest Work Party at Bayview Garden!

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