A huge thank you for our hugely successful day of service!

Yet again, we had a gloriously sunny and productive day for MLK Jr Day of Service.


Our 20+ volunteers helped us kick start the season!

Arwen, Jenny, and Elana show off their shovel skills!

We turned all the cover cropped beds, weeded and edged our overwintering beds, sifted and turned compost, organized the storage area, and cleaned out the rain barrels.

raviand elise kozan and pete


abigail and carlAt the end of the work party we shared soup and bread, and even a fresh garden salad.

THANK YOU a thousand times over for everyone who came out to help! Not only did we get a huge jump on the season, but it was a special reminder of how motivated and active this community is. This project runs off the energy of the people who spend time tilling the soil, tending the plants, and sharing good food and good ideas with one another. Work parties start at the end of February, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s to the start of another amazing season!



group lunch
Some of the group at our picnic lunch


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