April showers bring May flowers (hopefully)

As we transition from winter to spring, the garden continues to grow.

field lettuce and kale bok choi

Our field crops look happy, the greenhouse is still cranking out starts, and our hoop house crops are almost growing quicker than we can keep up!

pea blossom

The peas in our hoop house have started to blossom, and will be our first pea harvest of the season.


In our greenhouse, our tomato starts are nice and warm. At the end of the month they will be planted out in the hoop house, and in May certain varieties will be planted outside.

We’ve started harvesting kale, arugula, chard, lettuce, and spinach out of the hoop house.

giant winter spinach dale and anne

And some of the field spinach is even ready to be harvested!

spinach and cilantro cheryl harvesting spinach

We’re also excited to welcome the newest apprentice in the Community Gardening Leadership Training program. Abigail will mostly be working at the Whidbey Institute West Garden, but will also help out at the Good Cheer garden, as well as the school gardens.

abigail with worm

We are trying to give away more starts to food bank clients, and extra donated seeds, which has been wildly popular. Hundreds of seed packets were gone within two days, and a flat of lettuce (78 starts) usually only sticks around for about a day.

seed remnants starts giveaway

If you have extra seeds, vegetable starts, or plastic pots and trays that you would like to share with food bank clients, please contact Camille at goodcheergarden@gmail.com. We would love to be able to share more gardening materials with good bank clients!

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We’ve had some beautiful, sun-shiny days, and for now we’re happy to get some rain. Stay tuned for more updates, and visit our facebook page for more photographs: https://www.facebook.com/goodcheergarden.

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