Fresh Food through the Winter

carrots deep harvest winter2014_3095

Our big thanks to Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot from Deep Harvest Farm for their weekly deliveries of carrots and beets through this long and cold winter!

beet bagging winter_2988The carrot crop lasted through mid-February and the beets through January!

Our thanks also to Blake Mennella from Ebb Tide Produce who delivered kale and collards this winter, too.

Through the Fresh Food on the Table program, Good Cheer contracted with these local farmers in the summer to grow these nutrient-dense veggies that were harvested and delivered to the Food Bank through the winter.

Appreciation also to Greenbank Farm Ag Training Center who grew 90 lbs of carrots that they harvested and brought to the Food Bank in December.



kale putting up1_1241  kale bagged for freezing1_1236

Last but not least, Lissa Firor, food bank apprentice, and her band of merry food preservers, put up over 700 lbs of leafy greens, applesauce, pickles and dried fruits for Food Bank clients this winter!