Lots of harvest still at season’s end

tsa tsoi_0897   carrots last harvest_0894

A bumper harvest is coming to an end. We’re on track to harvest over 7,000 lbs of produce! The fall weather was perfect for the asian greens like tsa tsoi (pictured) and bok choi for stir fry. The carrots were delicious, too!

lettuce harvest late fall_0886   lettuce harvest fall_0919

We harvested a lot of late season lettuce for those fresh salads that are so precious this time of year.

deep harvest beet delivery october_0696  fresh food in refrigerator_1520
Through the winter months, Deep Harvest Farm will be delivering carrots and beets, and Ebb Tide Produce is delivering kale and collards. The Greenbank Farm CSA has also grown carrots for the Food Bank and we’ll be harvesting those for Thanksgiving. Thanks to community donations to the Fresh Food on the Table program, there will be fresh produce in the food bank year round!

fall bed prep for cover crops_0911    fall bed prep3_0908
There are still some beds growing overwintering kale, chard, collards or spinach, but the rest are being sowed with cover crops. It may look like a lot of grass out there, but you’re seeing winter rye, austrian field peas, vetch, crimson clover and fava beans. They’re growing organic matter for next season’s fertility while holding the soil, and the legumes are adding nitrogen.

garden in fall sunset_0817

We cover the freshly sown cover crops with floating row cover to protect the sprouting seeds from the birds until they are established. Sunset in the garden, and sunset on this most amazing growing season!