Glorious June!

camille and alexa harvesting lettuce_5463  beet thinnings_5578

Lettuce galore, spinach, kale, chard, arugula, basil, bokchoi, cilantro, baby beets and carrots, peas and strawberries…

spinach harvest_5480 picnic salad_0724

All these veggies going into the Food Bank, and yum, also in our salad at the Wednesday work party picnic at noon.

garden june_0699   tomatoes and poppies june_0704

With this glorious June weather, the flowers are delightful and we’ll be harvesting the first zucchini soon. Tomatoes planted out in the field are also happy! At this summer solstice time, we have much gratitude for the sun!

A big appreciation also to students and teachers from the Billings Middle School, who accomplished so much during their second annual visit to the garden!

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