Early April prepping, planting, growing and harvesting

spinach bed prep_4788   spinach bed prep done_4802

It’s all ages in the garden getting the overwintered spinach pulled out and ready to plant new starts. Started with one bed, did two. Tired, but proud of a job well done!

bed prep E rows Cheryl and Pete_4915   bok choi planting april_4918

The winter cover crops we turned over in February are totally composted in, and we’re moving into major planting mode of the starts we’ve been growing in the greenhouse.

cloches early april_4893   kale under cloche_4891

This spring has been cold, as usual, but the plants love being protected under the cloches.

harvest and bag early april_4787  chard argentata_4912

We’re having a good harvest from overwintering chard and kale, and February-planted lettuce and kale from the hoophouse. Argentata chard has been a real winner for us.