Early spring planting and harvesting!

harvest march chard_4546 harvest kale march bring into food bank_4633
The overwintering chard and kale is coming on strong with terrific spring growth.

hoophouse lettuce march_4605  lettuce planting in field march_4632

We love our hoophouse, where we just started harvesting the lettuce we planted mid-February. Great to get early salad greens in the Food Bank. Now we’ve also planted lettuce, peas, chard and kale out in the field.

floating row cover march_4460  floating row cover closed up_4463

Brrrr! But it’s still cold, though, so we’re protecting our little starts with floating row cover!

Whitman making seed blocks_4452   Whitman starts_4550
In the greenhouse we’re growing lots of starts not only for the garden, but to distribute to Food Bank clients.

Bed prep March _4544 Whitman College 13mar13a_4462
Lots of bed prep, and great satisfaction when the starts are planted!
A big thank you to all the Whitman College students who volunteered during their spring break!