Tilling and terracing at the South Whidbey Academy Garden!

SWA terraces started_4685   SWA making beds_4679

The South Whidbey Academy Garden is taking shape! The grassy slope is being turned into an outdoor classroom for science and sustainability curriculum, and the produce grown will go to Good Cheer Food Bank! The terraces will be ready to plant soon, thanks to the hard work of students in Michele Sakaguchi’s class.

SWA Chris Korrow first tilling_4509   SWA first tilling_4488

A big thank you to Chris Korrow and his tractor with its Italian spading attachment,

SWA first tilling done_4507    SWA Casey with newly tilled soil_4495
that beautifully tilled the soil. Casey Jackson, School Garden Apprentiice, confirmed that the tilling was deep and successful!