WSU Master Gardeners make more great compost!

Master Gardeners compost class begin_4058 Master Gardener compost class Janet Hall teaching_4055

In what is becoming an annual tradition, the WSU Master Gardeners had their composting class at the Good Cheer Garden, and as part of their hands-on training learned about composting by doing it!

Master Gardener compost class flip cover crop_4062 Master Gardener compost class clean up pallet bins_4075The beds of cover crops were turned over so the green manures could compost into organic matter, and the compost in the pallet bins was flipped and sorted by how decomposed it was.

Master Gardener compost class harvest vermicastings2_4083ย ย  Master Gardener compost class harvest vermicastings_4078
The winter’s vermicastings were harvested and sorted through to put the worms and worm capsules (each with 3 – 5 eggs) back in the bins.

Master Gardeners compost class finished_4084
Thank you Master Gardeners for a great day of digging: Chris Allen, Celia Bartram, Sandra Brouillette-Jobe, Chris Dimm, Debbie Dyer, Melissa Evans, Ian Gleadle, Cindy Good, Martha Hollis, Gary Ketcheson, Gabby Leman, Lindaย McKee, Dan O’Connell, Heidi Oman, Chris Onstad, Jan Simpson, Greg Troyer, Mark Walljasper, and instructor Janet Hall.