2013 season is beginning… and still fresh food on the table!

deep harvest january delivery_3899  chard jan2013_3896

The ongoing deliveries of kale, collards, carrots and beets from Annie and Nathaniel of Deep Harvest Farm have provided fresh, organic, nutritious veggies the whole winter, after the production from the Good Cheer Garden tailed off in the fall. The Food Bank clients thank you! Chard harvested from the Good Cheer Garden has added to the bounty.

cover crops january2013_3885  cover crops chopping down fava beans_3879

The first plantings in the field will be in March, but if you are a thick cover crop, that’s not so far away. We need to start turning over the beds now! The soil microorganisms and worms need time to decompose the cover crops into organic matter, especially in cold temperatures. Our mix of fava beans, vetch, rye, clover and austrian field peas has grown very well, in fact the fava beans planted in September grew so tall we needed to cut them down before turning the bed over.

cover crops turning over_3882  cover crops first bed turned over jan2013_3887

If you are an intrepid gardener, we’ve started turning over the cover crops, weather permitting, on Wednesday mornings, from 9 am – 12 noon. Join us if you’d like, and help us get the garden beds ready for spring planting! We also have some indoor work in the hoophouse and seed starting greenhouse, and bagging up the produce from Deep Harvest Farm.