Season’s ending…but still fresh food on the table!

  It’s getting cold and wet outside!
Time for our picnic lunch inside the hoophouse on a rainy work party day.


And time to harvest the rest of the enormous bok choi,


and pull out the last beds of beets and carrots! Our deep appreciation to all the volunteers who helped grow the garden this season!


In their place we’ve been planting cover crops and covering them with floating row cover to make sure the birds don’t eat the seed. They are growing vigorously! Looks like lots of green in the garden beds now… we’re growing next year’s organic matter!


We have a few beds overwintering kale, chard and collard beds, but they aren’t enough to meet the need. Now Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot of Deep Harvest Farm are bringing weekly deliveries or kale, collards, beets and carrots from their incubator farm at Greenbank Farm, grown especially for the Food Bank as part of the Fresh Food on the Table program. We’ll have fresh veggies all winter long!