Garlic beds planted using seaweed and straw mulch!


Detmar Straub shared his garlic planting technique with us, using seaweed and straw. After fall storms, seaweed is washed up at high tide. At the following low tide, you can legally gather copious amounts of seaweed with a shellfish and seaweed permit, which we did! Garden volunteers and students from the Waldorf School Third grade spread a layer of the seaweed on the bed, and then a layer of straw.


We carefully separated the cloves, some of which were from our own garlic, and others we had purchased locally.

Detmar explained how he had made holes in the mulch and filled them with soil. The students learned which end of the clove was the root, and which the shoot, and planted the cloves in the soil pockets in the mulch.

  Voila! Two beds of garlic planted! The seaweed and straw will act as mulch and fertilizer to the garlic as they grow. Stay tuned for progress reports!