Greenbank Farm’s bountiful harvest


The Food Bank can never have enough fresh nutritious carrots! As part of our partnership with Greenbank Farm, their Ag Training Center’s Organic Farm School grew us one 100-foot row of carrots from seed that was being tested in their carrot trials. They were all spectacular, grown under the able direction of Sebastian Aguilar with the young farmers in training.


Good Cheer apprentices came up over several weeks and harvested over 250 pounds of carrots!


Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot of Deep Harvest Farm, an incubator farm of Greenbank Farm, have been busy growing kale, collards, beets and carrots. This produce will stock the shelves come November and all through the winter months, as part of the Fresh Food on the Table program of Good Cheer.


Sebastian also teaches classes that our apprentices attend, and last but not least, the Rotary Club gleans produce every week for the Food Bank!

A BIG thank you to the skilled and dedicated farmers, and gleaners, at Greenbank Farm who contribute so much to ensure food security throughout our community, and are such an important partner of the Food Bank!