Vacation Bible School at the Middle School Garden

A faithful group of local youth volunteered for a morning at the Langley Middle School Garden, maintained by Good Cheer. The CMA church in Langley hosted a week-long Vacation Bible School and children all ages were busy on the fields at the middle school during the summer sports camp. The oldest group, all entering sixth grade, is learning leadership skills in the church’s “Teens in Training” program. They decided to serve the community by working in the Langley Middle School Garden.

The happy campers did a very thorough job mulching carrots and beets with grass clippings, and preparing a new bed for planting fall crops. Finally we harvested lettuce for the Food Bank. After some good, hard work we enjoyed the sun and a snack in the garden. The campers also collected a tower of canned food to bring to the Food Bank the next day.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work:

Altanie, Izzy, Niki, Jordan, Casey, Matthew, Jon, Elizabeth, Natalie, Chloe, Kylayna, Jimmy, Marla and their “Coaches” Lara Ford and Stephanie Erikson.

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