August Growing Groceries: Soaking up the heat & sun!

 We’ve had some hot summer days, the crops are ripening, and it’s time to enjoy a bountiful harvest. You can still sneak in fast growing fall crops, or sow the last plantings for your overwintering veggies.

On Tuesday, August 14that the Good Cheer Garden at Bayview Cornerfrom 5 pm – 7 pm learn about:

  • Cover crops for building soil fertility
  • TOP TIPS for the month and Q & A (bring your questions!)


Wish you had better tomatoes this year? Hoping to have more greens this winter or start growing earlier next year? Hoophouses are simple and inexpensive to build! Get inspired now, and you’ll have one by next season!

  • How to grow throughout the year by putting your veggies under cover
  • Construction tips and tricks
  • Best veggies to plant

Presenter: Cary Peterson, Growing Groceries Coordinator

Class fee $15 or by donation.
Class is at the Good Cheer Garden, 2812 Grimm Rd. at Bayview Corner, Langley.

For information and registration, email

Photo credit: Susan Burgers (raspberries)