Solstice Bees at the Good Cheer Garden!

Click the image for close-up video of the Solstice Swarm.
(Video by Cary Peterson)
From Solstice swarm videos 2012 Good Cheer Garden

Volunteers working in the garden were amazed when they were gently enveloped in a swarm of traveling bees on the day of the summer solstice. The bees had a mission, to follow their queen, and when she landed in a cherry tree in the field in front of the Food Bank, so did the other thousands of bees!


Chris Korrow, long-time beekeeper and Langley resident, happened to stop by and was able to cut the swarm off the tree and into a bee box. The branch with the swarm was so big it didn’t all fit in the box initially.


Friends watched and waited as the bees made their way into the new hive body, and gradually almost all of them were inside the box as the sun set on this longest day. The few bees who had stayed in the tree above were so gentle that they could be picked up by hand and brought over to the new hive body.

The hive is now at its new home at the Langley Community Garden!

Visit Chris Korrow’s blog to see more photos of the Solstice Bees.

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