Bastyr students return for more great work!


Last Saturday, May 26th, was a big spring boost for the Good Cheer Garden, with the help of 14 first-year students from Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine. Their family members came along and joined in! Their volunteering was inspired by two previous work parties when Bastyr students came to the Good Cheer Garden in April and May of last year.


They planted beds of winter squash, summer squash, beans, carrots, beets, spinach and arugula (10 new beds in all!), and also created a lovely bed along the north fence for lots of flowers that attract beneficial insects.


Lots of winter squash coming our way this fall!

A big thanks to Lisa Edens-Tan and her fellow naturopathic students for all their help in planting 10 beds of veggies for the Good Cheer Food Bank!