The New Farmer

This new column is written by apprentices Allie Urbanek and Mech Kneidinger.

Growing food has been an integral part of human society for thousands of years. There have been celebrations and conflicts, gifts of peace and acts of war around this central aspect of human life called “agriculture.” In our presently industrialized economy, the art of agriculture has changed into the mechanized act of production.

In more recent years, many of us have begun to feel an exciting shift in consciousness around the topic of food. A new type of farmer is emerging, combining the knowledge used thousands of years ago in traditional Earth-conscious agriculture with the knowledge available through new technologies.

So, who is this new farmer?

The new farmer is idealistic and eager, open-minded and worldly. The new farmer is in the classroom, whether at an elementary school or a university. The new farmer is moving from the suburbs to the countryside. The new farmer is farming in cities on tiny tracts of land. The new farmer is the mature professional who left a job in the city to grow food. Whoever the new farmer is, (s)he is part of a growing community of individuals who wants to help create a healthier future for the people and the planet!

The new farmer is both the subject of this blog AND its authors. We are Mech and Allie, two of the Good Cheer community garden leadership training apprentices, and we’ve come to Whidbey for a very special opportunity to cultivate land, food, and community. We have worked on numerous farms throughout the U.S., and are thrilled to be here, learning from everyone we meet, and offering our perspectives and service.

The New Farmer will be our outlet to share with you everything we’ve gathered on our journeys in relation to our experiences here at Good Cheer garden. We’re also excited to feature monthly interviews with a new farmer from around Whidbey and the country. Please join us in a conversation about new farmers and our common future on this Earth! You can read our blog HERE.

–Mech and Allie

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