WSU Master Gardeners make great compost!

Twenty-three WSU Master Gardener trainees came to the Good Cheer Garden on Saturday, Feb. 11th for a class in Sustainable Gardening and Composting.


After learning how cover crops add organic matter to the soil, thereby improving tilth and providing nourishment to the soil food web, everyone spread out and turned over 4 beds of winter rye cover crops in a flash!


After learning about hot and cold methods of making compost, they refreshed the compost bins by flipping the compost from one bin to another, and made new hot compost from goat manure and straw.


They harvested some yummy compost that was ready to use, and spread it on some of the beds.


The class also learned about the in-ground worm bins, and fed the worms food scraps from the Food Bank… but we forgot to take a photo of that!

It was a great day, with a lot of learning, and a lot of great work!

Our big thanks to Steven Atkins, Sally Cahill, Meredith Crosby, Anna Davis, Carol Gillespie, Judy Grimshaw, Ann Holmberg, Susan Hovey, Mary Hulbert, Janet Kramer, Jane O’Dell, Kathleen Oakland, Janette Parlier, Kate Rowan, Lane Rowell, Sheryl Sato, Jason Shubert, Janet Stein, Marcia Troy, Adam Troyer, Kelly Tuggle, Nancy Zaretzke, and Timothy Lawrence, PhD.