Thank you Ellie and Stephanie!

Stephanie and Ellie weighing the harvest at the Langley Middle School Garden.

Ellie Sherman and Stephanie Turco were the first apprentices in the Community Gardening Leadership Training launched this year, and have now completed their apprenticeship! They have each headed off to the next phase of their careers in community gardening, and we miss them and wish them well!


Ellie and Stephanie worked in all the gardens, gaining experience in different settings. Ellie co-coordinated the Good Cheer Garden, and took the lead at the Whidbey Institute Westgarden, leading service learning projects with youth and children growing food for the food bank.


Stephanie also co-coordinated the Good Cheer Garden, and took the lead in the Langley Middle School Garden, leading work parties with students there and also growing hundreds of pounds of food for the food bank.

Our great appreciation to both Ellie and Stephanie for all the seeds they planted, grew and harvested, and the volunteers they helped organize and nurture! May the seeds of leadership planted in this program grow lots of food in the future gardens they will coordinate!