Greenbank Rotary Gleaners


A BIG thank you to Rotary Club gleaners (L to R in the photo): Tom Laurenson, Ray Green, Linda Senff, and Terry Rose!!!  They have been gleaning veggies at the Greenbank Farm CSA and have brought in over 1,000 pounds so far this year! Our thanks also to Sebastian Aguilar and the farmer-trainees in the Greenbank Farm Ag Training Center who grew all the food!

Their weekly gleaning was inspired by Rotary First Harvest, which contributes food to Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline, two of Good Cheer Food Bank’s main suppliers.

Over 800 families a month have been accessing the Food Bank to help put food on the table. The Good Cheer Garden can’t grow enough to meet the need. The Rotary Club Greenbank Farm gleaners, together with contributions from the Farmer’s Market, the Gleeful Gleaners, and community gardeners, have all helped the Food Bank provide field-fresh organic produce all season long. That is something really special!