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This year’s tour is Saturday, June 25th! Four lovely private gardens are on display, plus free admission to Meerkerk Gardens. The Good Cheer Garden, and the Master Gardeners’ Education Garden are also welcoming tour participants. Whidbey Island Nourishes is offering box lunches to tour participants for pickup, and to enjoy, at the Good Cheer Garden, available by reservation.

Funding from the Whidbey Island Garden Tour helped start the Good Cheer Garden in 2009. This year we are also recipients, and Garden Tour support will help purchase cottage stone for the retaining wall on the slope, and also seeds, tools and potting soil for starts. Your purchase of a ticket supports the Good Cheer Garden, and many other community organizations on Whidbey Island! A wonderful day of beauty and delight, while benefiting the community!

On the day of the tour, tickets may be available at Bayview Farm and Garden. Call them at 360-321-6789!

Two dozen realtors from Windermere Realty offered a day of service to Good Cheer on Friday, June 17th, and several volunteers came to the garden. Wow, did they accomplish a lot!


In addition to picking peas, lettuce and bok choi, the beets were thinned and the first harvest of beets brought into the Food Bank!


Beds were weeded and prepped, and lettuce, beets, cucumbers, spinach, pole beans and nasturtiums were planted! That’s a lot of planting! And then even more beds were weeded and mulched.

What a great day, and the sun was shining, too! Our appreciation to Dana Bieber, Jody LaBissoniere, Barbara Golub, Debbie Marcus and Lori Soli!

  On Saturday, May 28th, twenty-five more students in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University came to the garden, bringing a sunny day, and accomplishing an amazing amount of work! They were part of the First Year philosophy class that also came on April 23rd, taking the naturopathic philosophy of healing and service into the garden!

The worm bins were harvested, with care taken to pick out the worms and the egg capsules.


The vermicastings were then used to amend the beds. Beans were planted, kale and chard starts transplanted, and the squash beds were prepped. Plus, many beds were weeded!


Lots of kale and lettuce were harvested, bagged up, and brought into the Food Bank.


Everyone enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch with salad greens from the garden.

A big thank you to Susan Azar, Jen Caron, Margaret Coffey, Elizabeth Dudek, Caithin Fanning, Jennifer Harrison, John Harrison, Jennifer Johnson, Lisa Heisman, Paula Howse, Pa Lao, Maggie Litchy, Muhammad Mansour, Debbie Miller, Lanae Mullane, Tien Nguyen, Greg November, Laina Paterson, Logan Pederson, Roni Schmicker, April Sullivan, Ed Szymczak, Pria Walia, Myra Vicenty and Lisa Yang.  (Also thanks to photographers John Harrison and Debbie Miller.)

We are so grateful to both groups of Bastyr students who volunteered this spring! Their efforts (over 120 hours of service!) really made a difference and helped us keep on track with the bed prep, weeding and planting.


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