Bastyr University Naturopathic students in service!

On Saturday, April 23rd, nineteen students in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University volunteered in the Good Cheer Garden as part of their philosophy class. Helping grow healthy food for the food bank definitely takes the naturopathic philosophy of healing out into the world!

The terraced hillside was in desperate need of a spring cleanup, and the hillside above the new retaining wall needed more terracing. No problem! In just a few hours, it was transformed!

Over a dozen beds were weeded and cleaned up, chard starts were planted, the garlic beds weeded, and there even was time to mulch the bok choi with grass clippings!

What a whirlwind of great work! Many thanks to Susan Azar, Aron Choi, Joy Chou, Margaret Coffey, Caitlin Cummings,Β  McClane Duncan, Dani Gran, Juli Koplan, Becky Lang, Pa Lao, Kenzie Myers, Yaditza M. Narvaez, Meghan O’Mara, Josh Reilly, Susan Schafer, Nathaniel Shober, Mary Tseng, Natalie Walsh,Β  and Monica Xu.