It’s been cold!

The sun is returning, and our hoophouse keeps the soil warmer than outside, so we decided to give it a go and plant starts.

We now have spinach, lettuce, bok choi, kale, chard and peas growing in the hoophouse!

But, horror of horrors, winter weather returned the end of February. Heavy snows threatened the hoophouse, but we braced it from the inside and neighbor Sarah Birger went out late at night to sweep the snow off it. We covered the little starts from the cold, and everything made it through sub-freezing temperatures!

The pruning class was postponed due to snow, and held one week later, and now our young fruit trees are ready for their next season of growth.

With the help of many volunteers, including Girl Scout Troop 42411, all the garden beds are now turned over and the cover crops are composting in the soil.

Lots of starts are growing, and hopefully the weather will be warmer when they need to be planted in a week or so. We’ll be putting them under floating row cover cloches to make sure they are happy!

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