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First harvest of 2011 at the Wednesday work party this week, on March 31st! Spinach and bok choi went directly into the food bank. Doesn’t get much fresher than that!

The cold and wind continue in this soggy spring. These cloches are really helping give our starts a good start!

The fullness of spring is coming! It’s still a little cool, but great for growing.

On April 9th, from 9 am – 12 noon, at the Sears House (Bayview Corner) we’ll be learning about

• Crop rotation
• Keeping your garden healthy by attracting beneficial insects
• Using soil amendments
• TOP TIPS of the month, including best veggies to plant in April

Bring your questions!

Class fee is $15, scholarships available.

For information and registration, call the Whidbey Institute at (360) 341-1884, or email

Sears House address: 2812 Meinhold Rd. at Bayview Corner, Langley

Rain and rainbows!

It’s really cold, wet spring weather, but the daylight is returning, the equinox is around the corner, and we have lots of starts that need planting!

We’ve been making hundreds of starts to put out in the field- kale, chard, bok choi, lettuce and spinach.

The starts we planted in the hoophouse in mid-February survived the cold snap and are doing great!

Now it’s time to be outside! The beds are prepped, the kale starts planted…

And quickly covered with floating row cover to keep them warm and protected from the wind!

Spring Fever Garden Sale

Update: VERY SUCCESSFUL! We raised $750 for the garden, and then just after we finished, a truckload of great items for sale came it! We will be at the garden selling these items on Wednesdays. Stay tuned for the new list of items for sale!

Saturday, March 26th
Garden tools, equipments and supplies in our Spring Garden Sale!

9 am – 2 pm
Good Cheer Garden

To see what’s already for sale, click here for the list.

Do you have extra gardening equipment you aren’t using?

Donate it to the Good Cheer Garden, and we’ll sell it to other gardeners at the Spring Fever Garden Sale! You’ll support the garden, and also other gardeners! Together we can help each other with the tools we need to grow our food!

Call 360-221-6046, or email if you have items to donate.

Good Cheer, together with the Whidbey Institute, is offering 7-month training in community gardening and leadership skills, from April – October 2011.

We are seeking a motivated individual who wishes to gain skills for future leadership positions in the field of sustainable community gardening. This training will combine hands-on, practical growing skills in small-scale food production with the leadership skills needed to initiate and manage community gardening projects, to coordinate volunteers, and to implement education and outreach programs.

The apprentice will assist the garden coordinator in all aspects of garden production. After the initial phase of training, the apprentice will move into a leadership position on selected garden and outreach projects. Field trips to other community gardens, and study, will also be a part of the training. The training is based in the Good Cheer Garden, Langley Middle School Garden, and Whidbey Institute Westgarden.

Stipend and housing provided.

Training details

Training Application 2011

To more information and to apply, email Cary Peterson
Phone: 360-221-6046
Applications requested by March 31st.

The slope next to the compost bins on the south side of the garden needed a retaining wall! Tommy Mozingo took this on as an Eagle Scout project.

The Whidbey Island Garden Tour provided funding for the masonry blocks, and Tommy organized all the details of getting it done.

First the edge was shaped and the ground leveled.

The masonry stone was laid and leveled again and the chain gang started!

Higher and higher, until… it’s done!

A big thank you to Tommy, and the other hard working members of Boy Scout Troop 57: Max Corell, Will Holbert, Ryan McCreary, Evan Melish, Brent Piehler, Locklan Roberts, and Steven Smith.

Hands-on demonstrations!

Thursday morning, March 17th, from 10 am – 12 noon at the Whidbey Institute Westgarden

Cary Peterson will demonstrate how to:

–     Make  starts with seed blocks

–     Take soil tests and read them

–     Make a cloche with floating row covers

Bring your questions and be prepared to be outside!

Whidbey Institute: 6449 Old Pietila Rd., Clinton, WA

For more information, call 360-341-1884 or email

It’s time to start planting the early season greens! On Saturday, March 12th, at the Sears House (Bayview Corner) Learn about early spring plantings, how to create fertile soil, growing your own starts, TOP TIPS of the month and lots more. Bring your questions!

Click here for the schedule for Growing Groceries classes in March.

The sun is returning, and our hoophouse keeps the soil warmer than outside, so we decided to give it a go and plant starts.

We now have spinach, lettuce, bok choi, kale, chard and peas growing in the hoophouse!

But, horror of horrors, winter weather returned the end of February. Heavy snows threatened the hoophouse, but we braced it from the inside and neighbor Sarah Birger went out late at night to sweep the snow off it. We covered the little starts from the cold, and everything made it through sub-freezing temperatures!

The pruning class was postponed due to snow, and held one week later, and now our young fruit trees are ready for their next season of growth.

With the help of many volunteers, including Girl Scout Troop 42411, all the garden beds are now turned over and the cover crops are composting in the soil.

Lots of starts are growing, and hopefully the weather will be warmer when they need to be planted in a week or so. We’ll be putting them under floating row cover cloches to make sure they are happy!


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