Greenhouse moved!

What an amazing day! Many thanks to all the volunteers who lifted the greenhouse from its former location off of Saratoga Rd., and set it back down in its new home at the Good Cheer Garden!

With many hands, we lifted it up and on to Jim Lux’s 20 ft flatbed truck.

After the greenhouse was securely tied down, and an internal frame was built to make sure it didn’t buckle or bend, it headed out on its journey to Good Cheer!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jim Lux, who donated his time, skills, and flat bed truck to make this move happen!

Once it got to Good Cheer, many hands lifted it off the truck, and onto the leveled pad.

We set it down, took out the internal framing, filled the sono tubes with concrete, and…

WOW! Our greenhouse is now in its new home! We will be doing more work to put in electricity and set it up for growing starts, but the big job is over.

Our gratitude to all those who helped make this happen: the generous (anonymous) donor of the greenhouse, the Juliana Greenhouse Distributors for advice and assistance, and the almost two dozen volunteers who did prep work, lifting and transporting, and setting in place.

With this greenhouse, we will be able to grow a fabulous number of starts for the garden, for food bank clients, and for home gardeners growing for Good Cheer. Many thanks!