Autumn abundance

From the blooming sunflowers to the enormous chinese cabbage, the fall has been bursting with growth! It was dark, wet and somewhat despairing mid-September, but thank goodness the sun returned for an unexpected warm spell.

We’ve been harvesting lots of lettuce, and the last row of the season we planted was a cold-hardy lettuce variety. Keep those greens coming! The harvests of carrots, beets, bok choi, chinese cabbage are all finishing up and those beds are being planted in cover crops. The chard and kale are abundant and will overwinter, hopefully!

We just love our Bugabay in-ground worm bins and now have three of them! Interns from the Greenbank Farm Training Center came to visit the garden the same time that Todd was adding worms to the second and third bins.

Over 1/2 yard of rich vermicastings have now been harvested from the first worm bin, with all ages working hard to find the worm cocoons and toss them back into the bin. We might not be able to do that every time, but it helps keep our worm population high.

A big thanks to Five Acre Farms and Willowood Farm who have been very generous this season in donating produce to the Food Bank when the Bayview Farmer’s Market closes. Their great produce wonderfully augments what the garden can grow, and is very much appreciated!