Youth in the Summer Garden

A big thank you to our Americorp volunteer, Molly Zeiger for her year of service, and to Matt Statz, summer intern, both invaluable in the garden, and also with the youth programs.

As part of their summer program on Island Culture and Ecology, the LEAF Program from Edmonds Community College did a service learning project in the garden, after touring the Food Bank and Distribution Center. The students made great improvements to our compost demonstration site by building a new three bin compost system with pallets for the weed compost, and making hot compost with alpaca manure (up to 160 degrees in 2 days!).

They also harvested lots of lettuce for the Food Bank, and made a delicious salad for lunch. Thank you LEAF for your service to the garden!

Other youth groups in the garden include a Nutrition and Healthy Eating class from Whidbey Island Nourishes, and volunteers from the youth program at the Trinity Lutheran Church.

For confidentiality reasons, we can’t take photos of the Alternatives to Detention youth, but their work on the hillside terraces has resulted in many pounds of produce! We’ve planted two of the beds which reaped abundant kale and lettuce!

We are growing the next generation as we grow vegetables!