Finally summer!

It’s time for all those firsts! First tomatoes in the greenhouse, first zucchini, also first cucumbers. It took a lot longer this year than last, but we’re finally in summer!

Beets, leeks, carrots, and huge lettuces! The Alternatives-to-Detention work crew, from Island County Juvenile Court, has been enormously helpful in the garden, but for confidentiality reasons, we can’t post photos of all they’ve done to thank them. So we decided to acknowledge their work with a confidential lettuce head!

For the longest time we couldn’t figure out how to distribute the starts we’ve been growing, except to put them in 4 inch pots, which took a lot of resources. Then Molly Zeiger had the brilliant idea of cutting milk cartons in half to be the trays we needed to keep the seed blocks protected, but easy to remove.Β  In her honor, we’ve named them Molly boats, and we can now really expand the food we are able to produce, by providing the starts for food bank clients to grow themselves. A great partnership with the South Whidbey Commons who happily provides the milk cartons from their coffee house!

It’s finally summer, but, no rest! It’s also time to think about the cool weather crops again, so as soon as we’ve harvested a bed, we’re planting starts or seeds that will mature in the fall, or overwinter.