Cold and wet, but still growing

After a warm, dry early spring, now it’s been really wet, and really cold! While the warm-weather crops are wondering what hit them, the lettuce and spring greens are delighted, and we’re also starting to get baby beets and carrots from thinnings.

The peas we planted in early March yielded their crop just as the hoophouse was getting too warm for them.

So, now the peas are harvested and tomatoes planted in their place!

Across the road from the Good Cheer Garden, Sarah Birger and Matthew Swett have a greenhouse that they generously offered to the garden. Pam Mitchell had set it up last year for growing, so now we have more tomatoes planted there, with basil and cucumbers to follow.

In addition growing produce, we’re also providing starts. Many people donate extra starts that we distribute, and we grew 200 broccoli starts for Food Bank clients to grow in their own garden. That’s a lot of broccoli!

Girl Scout Troop 42411 did a service project in the garden planting lettuce!

Three weeks later, it’s getting almost ready to harvest!

Not only is the garden lush with vegetables, the birds have found it a delightful home. Here a swallow is nesting in the birdhouse on the north side of the garden shed. Juncos nested under a terrace. The snakes have a special little spot under a tarp at the top of the garden, and so far we haven’t seen any voles.

The lettuce interplanted between the summer squash is being harvested, and the first squash are starting to form. It’s solstice time!