Growing Groceries – June

The solstice is coming! Long days, and hopefully warm and hot days are here. Time to harvest your spring plantings and plant some more….or get your garden started! It’s not too late!

In celebration of being out in the garden, the June Growing Groceries class is going to be….out in the garden! In fact, we have a mini-tour planned. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, June 12

9:00 – 10:00 am at the Good Cheer Garden: TOP TIPS and Questions and Answers. How are you doing in your garden? Bring your questions!

10:00 – 11:30 am at the Good Cheer Garden: Demonstrations–  setting up irrigation using t-tape or soaker hoses, pruning tomatoes, and using seeds blocks to grow starts.

12 noon: Tour of the South Whidbey Tilth Community Garden to see different growing techniques, and the opportunity to ask Anza Muenchow your burning questions! Anza will be available til 1:30 pm.

These mini-sessions will be by donation. Let’s be outside, doing the work, and sharing our techniques and tricks. Drop in for what you are interested in, and stay as long or short as you’d like.

Presenters: Anza Muenchow (Maha Farms CSA and South Whidbey Tilth)
Cary Peterson (Growing Groceries Coordinator)

For information and registration, call the Whidbey Institute at (360) 341-1884, or email