Cooking classes at Good Cheer!

Healthy cooking classes for food bank clients have begun! All classes provide healthy, creative recipes from guest chefs that can be made primarily from ingredients available in the food bank! Classes take place every third Tuesday of the month at the Good Cheer Food Bank kitchen, but will move out to the garden in kinder weather. Click here to read more about the classes and get delicious recipes.

April 20th- “Crockpot comfort food and cooking with early Spring greens”.
First ten clients will receive free crockpots, and plant starts of the early Spring greens will be available. Taught by Miles Harrison, Sous chef at Prima.

May 18th-  Des Rock from Useless Bay Coffee Co. will be sharing his culinary creativity!  First ten clients will receive crockpots, and vegetable starts will be available. Keep an eye out for more details to come.

This post written by Molly Zeiger, Americorp volunteer and cooking class coordinator.