Hoophouse and cloches growing early greens

Late February we took a chance on the weather, and planted in the hoophouse. It’s worked out great!

The hoophouse has really kept the plants warm and protected. The bok choi, lettuce, kale, chard, spinach and peas planted inside are all thriving. We’ll be harvesting them until it’s time to plant the tomatoes and basil.

Mid-March we took a chance on planting starts outside under cloches made with floating row cover spanned over hoops made with 1/2″ pvc pipe, and also 3/4″ poly pipe.Β With a few learning curves on how to keep the row covers secured (special clips did the trick), the plants are happy and growing.

It’s nice and cozy inside.

We’ve been having good success with the seed block method of growing starts!