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We needed to grow starts this year, and the community heard our call. Pam Mitchell and Herb Helsel donated seed starting boxes!

Molly Peterson shared her expertise with the soil block technique, and we were off and planting.

Our babies are sprouting, but starts donated by Molly were planted in the greenhouse mid-February and they’ve been growing like crazy! The first week in March, we’re going to plant out under a floating row cover cloche.

What was also really exciting was to harvest the overwintered kale, and collards!

The first garden produce of the year!

Will we have a last hard freeze? Don’t know, but we’re cautiously proceeding as if spring has sprung!

The greenhouse is a safe bet unless we get that really cold snap, and the starts we planted are doing great! We’ll be planting peas down the center row, and kale, bok choi, lettuce and chard are on either side. The plan is to harvest it all before the tomatoes go in.

The new resource shed is coming along wonderfully, with windows and stairs now in place. Door and cabinets are next.

The hillside that grew squash last year now has beautiful curved terraced rows.

More cover cropped beds were turned over, paths weeded, and we even had to mow.

It’s been a great start to the season!

It was a busy first Wednesday work party of the season!

Instead of creating the beds and sifting rocks and roots out as we did last year, we turned over the cover crop planted last fall, and found lots of big worms!

The overwintering kale beds were weeded, and the pallet compost bins moved in preparation of terracing the hillside.

And a new tool shed arrived and was set up!

We needed more room for all the garden tools. Then, Jane Seymour donated a shed, Jim Pugh moved it, and Paul Rempa installed all the fixtures!

Now all our tools are organized and hanging nicely, and we have space in the metal shed for the wheelbarrows and other large equipment.

Thank you!


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