Spring comes to the MLK Day of Service

Sunshine, blue sky and warm weather was a delight for the 35 volunteers who descended upon the Good Cheer Garden for the Martin Luther King Day of Service. Everyone did an amazing amount of work, and the garden is ready for the coming season!

The Inca Alpaca 4-H club took on the rabbits, and installed chicken wire around the entire perimeter of the fence!

The 4-H’ers dug a shallow trench outside the fence, and folded the chicken wire at a right angle so that 2 ft went vertical up the fence and 1 ft  went along the ground, thereby preventing the bunnies from digging under the wire. Then they backfilled the trench.  It was a huge job, well-done, and completed in a day!

Volunteers also put skip sheathing on the garden shed, and we’ll be installing the metal roofing next! (Our roofing work party is Sunday, Jan. 24th, starting at 10 am.)

We double-dug beds and buried compost in the subsoil, and cleaned up all the frozen, mushy old broccoli plants. The garden was transformed!

Volunteers also built a 3-bin compost system with pallets at the Bayview School Garden, and set up drip irrigation at the Langley Middle School Garden. All wonderful improvements!

As icing on the cake, Sandy Goddard came with the oil painting of the Good Cheer Garden that she had painted this summer as part of the Plein Air Painter’s U.S. Open (outdoor landscape painting) http://www.pleinairopen.com/. Her painting now hangs in the Food Bank, but it will take a place of honor in our Resource Shed as soon as it’s ready!