Potato box harvest

We tried the potato box method of growing spuds, building the box and planting them in the spring, and then adding sections going up as the vines grew. We had a larger box 3 ft x 2 ft, and a smaller 1 x 1 ft box in the square foot garden.

The larger box was a disappointment. Some potatoes grew in the soil above the ground, but not many. Not looking good for potato boxes as a space-saving way to grow.

But the smaller box worked beautifully, and demonstrated the potential of this growing technique. In that little 1 x 1 ft potato tower, we harvested a 5 gal-bucket of spuds, more than in the larger one! In the photo you can see how the potatoes grew. A success!

We got it right with the soil mix, watering and variety of potato on one, but not the other.Β  More learning curves!