Meet Molly Zeiger, Americorps volunteer

A big welcome to Molly Zeiger, our Americorp volunteer in the Good Cheer Garden, and in the Food Bank. Molly started working in September, and will be staying til next July. Below, she shares a bit about herself and her impressions so far. Stay tuned for more postings from Molly in the future!

molly with chard fall 09a

“Let me start with how much I appreciate South Whidbey and Good Cheer. I love the wet climate and artistic culture of the Pacific Northwest. Although I plan to expand my horizons, I cannot imagine a more refreshing place to be all the time. South Whidbey is perhaps the perfect example of my ideal environment as I have found it to be a goldmine of interesting, active and artistic people surrounded by inescapable natural beauty.

And Good Cheer is so impressive! I have volunteered enough time to know what a huge accomplishment it is for a nonprofit to be self-sustaining while serving the needs of a significant percentage of the population. Good Cheer’s success shows great talent behind the scenes, tremendous community support, and a valuable mission that I have had no problem getting behind.

Before coming to Langley, I was working seasonally in Talkeetna, Alaska, after graduating with a degree in Peace Studies and Sociology from Whitworth University in Spokane. I spent my college years studying social justice and volunteering with vulnerable populations. That naturally led me into a term of service, related to community engagement. I share my AmeriCorps commitment between the Good Cheer Garden and the South Whidbey Commons coffeehouse program.

molly with broccoliWhile I am here, I hope to help implement a sustainable and efficient system to turn healthy harvest from the garden into appreciated meals on the table. So far it has been a humbling learning experience.

Just after two months, I feel enriched by the garden and the wonderful people it has put me around. I’m really excited to keep working with Good Cheer to promote healthy living and help give everyone the opportunity to have fresh food. I feel truly blessed to be in a community where everyone is so focused on each other.”