Fall comes to the garden

squash hillside in fall fall garden after frost

Fall has come to the garden with an early frost! The squash vines all dead, revealing the colorful abundance of pumpkins and winter squash. The bountiful basil now brown.

broccoli head fall chard still beautiful

But there is still plenty that continues to grow! Fall broccoli and chard, plus kale, leeks, bok choi, carrots, parsnips, brussel sprouts and rutabagas.

squash and pumpkin harvest fall09 squash and pumpkins in greenhouse

We’ll harvest almost a thousand pounds of winter squashes and pumpkins: delicata, sweet dumpling, sweet meat, hubbard, and sugar pumpkins. The Sungold cherry tomatoes in the hoophouse are still producing, and we’ve brought in the green tomatoes to see if they will still ripen.