Lots of harvesting!

Every Wednesday work party we’ve been spending the entire morning harvesting.Β  And the production has been so abundant, and the demand so high, that we are also harvesting on Mondays and Fridays. Home and market gardeners are also bringing in an abundance of produce. It’s all being put in the shopping cart by food bank patrons as fast as it gets stocked!

lots of kale to thin harvest summer squash

Mixed salad greens, lettuce and kale. The first summer squash coming off the vine!

harvest peas harvest radishes

Snap peas, shelling peas and snow peas, and lots of French Breakfast radishes.

harvest beets harvest carrots

Baby beets and luscious beet greens, and baby carrots being thinned.

Bayview student harvest

Bayview High School students planted collards, broccoli raab, chard, parsnips, collards and turnips in a bed that just went crazy! The broccoli raab is already harvested and now the turnips are ready, too!

lettuce pulling out beets planting more

After harvesting the lettuce, time to pull it out, and replant the bed to beets.

weeding june 17 weeding2 june 17

And, of course, there is lots and lots of weeding!